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main/busybox: disable BusyBox's ed(1) implementation

Sören Tempel requested to merge nmeum/aports:busybox-remove-ed into master

While ed(1) is mandated by POSIX BusyBox's ed implementation is nowhere near POSIX compatible. Furthermore, we found some critical bugs in the past which indicate that nobody is really actively using this (e.g. #13504 (closed)). Therefore, I suggest removing Busybox ed for now. If you need an ed(1) implementation on your system use main/ed or testing/oed instead. I believe it to be preferable to ship no ed(1) implementation at all by default instead of shipping a broken one. There is a possibility then some packages now require an explicit dependency on the ed package if they use ed as part of their build process.

This reduces the size of the BusyBox package by roughly 21 KiB.

See also: #13504 (comment 213557)

Opening this as an MR to give people a chance to complain 😌

Edited by Sören Tempel

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