community/althttpd: fix unnecessary redirects, upgrade to 202209261657

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Based on my research, a web server should not redirect requests for the base domain (eg. 100% of the time. Not only is this a deviation from the spec IMO but it's just nonsensical and counter to the behavior of most (all?) other web servers. It results in an extra round trip on every request for the base domain.

I reported my findings upstream here:

One developer agreed but wanted the lead developer to commit the patch. The lead developer declined stating:

If it is just a (minor) optimization, I'm not willing to take the risk at this time.

I disagree that this is an optimization. The issue is a bug IMO, which makes the patch a bugfix, not a minor optimization, though it might be that too.

I don't presume to know more about the software than the author, but in this case I believe I'm right. I've tested the patch and would like it included here in the Alpine package. Since I'm probably the only one using the package, I don't think we'll get any additional testing.

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