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main/vte3: add vte-ng patches for termite / testing/termite: use system vte3

Ibex requested to merge ibex/aports:termite-system-vte3 into master

Related !2093 (closed) - unfortunately alacritty is not a replacement for Termite on most ARM system since it requires GLES 3.30. Termite works fine.

Termite depends on some trivial API additions for vte3. From the README:

The vte-ng project is required until VTE exposes the necessary functions for keyboard text selection and URL hints (if ever). A simple patch has been submitted upstream but they're unwilling to expose functionality that's not required by GNOME Terminal even if there's no extra maintenance (it already exists internally) and no additional backwards compatibility hazards.

At the moment, a static vte3 version is built and linked into Termite but this is really quite complicated and ugly.
On the other hand, the vte3-ng patch set is quite straightforward (IMO) with only a couple of API additions and no modifications to existing code.

Adding the vte-ng patch set to main/vte3 is (IMO) only a small price to pay, considering how much cleaner the Termite APKBUILD gets.

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