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community/nota: add missing deps

Alexander Brzoska requested to merge alpabrz/aports:deps/nota-req into master

These are two commits to add dependencies, it's marked as draft since the second commit adds dependencies that I would describe as optional.

The first one adds qt5-qtbase-sqlite and qmltermwidget: IMHO they are needed as dependencies or else the user experience is quite confusing (e.g. why aren't my files listed as favorites even though I marked them? Why is the builtin terminal a blank screen?).

For the second commit it's a different story: kio-extras and udisks2 seem to enable additional features while not resulting in weird bugs if not installed. The user only notices that they are missing when they scan through stderr.


... to highlight the differences in feature set.

Regarding kio-extras

not installed installed
nota-wo_kio nota-w_kio

i.e. Thumbnails are now viewed in the File Browser.

Regarding udisks2

not installed installed
nota-wo_udisks nota-w_udisks

i.e. the user may now browse available mount points.

@PureTryOut What is your opinion? I'm rather leaning into minimalism, but OTOH especially browsing through mount points seems to be a handy feature (but this may be nonetheless available if the user's DE pulls in udisks2, but that's not the case for every DE).

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