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main/eggdrop: upgrade to 1.9.2

rubicon requested to merge rubicon/aports:upgrade-eggdrop into master

gseen.mod.patch and logs2html.mod.patch are old, and not part of the official release, so they have been removed.

If anyone needs those modules, it's probably better to find some tarball (Github search yields a few results, but I dare not make any judgments as to which is the "official" repo) and add them to source= instead of as patches.

I tried running the bot on a local IRC server, and noticed that it tends to stop responding to commands. This was fixed by setting flood-msg and flood-ctcp to 0:0. Of course this is only for testing purposes, but if anyone still uses eggdrop for "official" purposes, they probably already know what values to set for those 2 settings :)

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