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community/bcc: build libbpf-tools and add libbpf-tools subpackage

Jakub Jirutka requested to merge jirutka/aports:bcc-libbpf-tools into master

Fedora and Debian also provide these tools in (sub)package named libbpf-tools.

Fedora adds prefix bpf- to the tool names, mainly to distinguish them from the old tools written in Python (see We provide these old tools in bcc-tools subpackage, but they are installed into /usr/share/bcc/tools and not symlinked into /usr/bin or /usr/sbin. Thus we don't have to add the bpf- prefix. However, since there are dozens of tools, I think that it's a good idea to give them a common prefix.

Depends on #12563 (closed)

Related to #13761 (closed)

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