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Draft: testing/dotnet31: upgrade to 3.1.419

Antoine Martin requested to merge ayakael/aports:testing/dotnet31-update into master
  • upgrades dotnet31-sdk to 3.1.419
  • upgrades dotnet31-runtime to 3.1.25
  • build against icu-data-full
  • move to /usr/lib/dotnet
  • merge dotnet31-sdk with dotnet31-build


Following part of the update has been cancelled due to broken build of reference packages on current state of edge. Might come back to this at a later point once I have more time

  • upgrades dotnet31-stage to 3.1.419
  • merge dotnet31-bootstrap with dotnet31-stage0
  • make dotnet31-build buildable upon itself
Edited by Antoine Martin

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