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Draft: testing/osu-lazer: new aport

knuxify requested to merge knuxify/aports:osu into master

Current TODO:

  • Split librealm-wrapper into separate package
  • Split libstbi into into separate package
  • Add desktop icon and other eye-candy that the AUR package provides
  • Package libbass instead of relying on the prebuilt one (turns out it's non-free and there is no source code, so this is pretty counterintuitive)
  • Verify that the dependencies I added are enough
  • Fix the missing libasound2-dev warning on startup (caused by lack of alsa-lib-dev and unloaded snd_seq module; added post-install note for the latter)

Can verify that it starts up on my system, and beatmaps play quite fine (although it seems that i'd have to tweak the offsets...)

cc @psykose @ayakael

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