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Poppler 22

Pablo Correa Gomez requested to merge pabloyoyoista/aports:poppler-22 into master


Release 22.03.0:
         * Signature: Fix finding Signatures that are in Pages not not in the global the Forms object
         * Signature: Improve getting the path to the firefox certificate database
         * Splash: Fix rendering of some joints. Issue #1212
         * Fix get_poppler_localdir for relocatable Windows builds
         * Minor code improvements

         * Minor code improvements

         * pdfimages: Fix the wrong Stream being passed for drawMaskedImage

        build system:
         * Small code improvements

Release 22.02.0:
         * Signature: Add a way to detect unsigned FormFieldSignature
         * Signature: Suport background image when using left and right text
         * Signature: Fix path where to search for Firefox NSS in Windows
         * Signature: Fix NSS code to work correctly in Windows/Android
         * Count only signature fields in PDFDoc::getNumSignatureFields
         * Minor code improvements

         * Allow signing unsigned signature fields
         * Allow passing a background image for the signature when signing
         * Allow passing the document password when signing
         * Fix leftFontSize being ignored when signing

         * try with utf8 password if latin1 fails
         * New method for getting all signature fields of a document
         * Fix compile with MSVC

         * pdfsig: Fix compile with MSVC

        build system:
         * Fix NSS cmake check for MSVC

Release 22.01.0:
         * Allow local (relative to dll) fonts dir on Windows
         * TextOutputDev: require more spacing between columns. Issue #1093
         * Fix crash in Splash::gouraudTriangleShadedFill. Issue #1183
         * Fix crash when calling Form::reset()
         * GfxSeparationColorSpace: Check validity of colorspace and function. Issue #1184
         * Minor code improvements

         * Include glib.h before using defines from it
         * Close file descriptors on error
         * Plug some memory leaks
         * Replace use of deprecated g_memdup/g_time_zone_new
         * Remove FD-taking functions on windows

         * pdfsig: Add support for documents with passwords
         * pdfsig: Fix signing with -sign if nss password is needed

closes #13697 (closed)

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