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main/busybox-initscripts: add entries to /dev/disk/by-*

Make the contents of /dev/disk/by-* for mdev more closely resemble that whenever eudev/udev is used:

Add /dev/disk/by-id entries for MMC and SATA devices. Add /dev/disk/by-id entries for LVM devices (if util-linux blkid is installed). Add /dev/disk/by-id entries for dm (LUKS and LVM) devices. Add /dev/disk/by-label entries. Add /dev/disk/by-partlabel entries (if util-linux blkid is installed).

Some utilities/applications may expect various types of entries to exist in /dev/disk/by-*. For example cloud-init makes use of /dev/disk/by-label/, /dev/disk/by-partuuid/, and /dev/disk/by-uuid/ entries.

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