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community/libphonenumber: upgrade to 8.12.44 (fails on ppc64le, help needed)

Jakub Jirutka requested to merge jirutka/aports:libphonenumber-8.12.41 into master

DO NOT disable this aport on ppc64le! There are 11 other packages that directly depend on this one and who-knows how many transitive reverse dependencies. The build failure on ppc64le must be properly fixed. The current version in aports (8.12.39) is from 2021-12-07 and there are no CVEs, so no reason to rush it.

/builds/alpine/aports/community/libphonenumber/src/libphonenumber-8.12.41/cpp/build/_deps/abseil-cpp-src/absl/base/internal/ error: #error Must implement UnscaledCycleClock::Frequency()
  104 | #error Must implement UnscaledCycleClock::Frequency()
      |  ^~~~~

This error is from abseil-cpp: absl/base/internal/ It’s not in this aport’s build dependencies nor in the libphonenumber tarball, so it seems that the build scripts download it. This error statement has been added in


  • Figure out how should be abseil-cpp fixed, write a patch and send it to the abseil-cpp upstream. This requires someone with knowledge of ppc64le.
  • Add the patch to the abseil-cpp aport.
  • Patch libphonenumber build scripts to use packaged abseil-cpp (?).
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