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community/heimdall: switch to fork and update to 2.0.0

Henrik Grimler requested to merge grimler/aports:heimdall-update into master

This switches heimdall over to a fork maintained by myself, since original repository is not maintained anymore. Main fixes/features in fork compared to original repo consists of:

  • A check so that partition is not smaller than size of the file to be flashed has been added, to make it a bit harder to overwrite things on the emmc by accident (devices from 2014 or newer seem to have a safety check for this built-in)

  • The information is the PIT header has been described more fully

  • libusb_reset_device patch that was contained in this repo has been merged (though it seems the patch is only needed on ubuntu)

  • Skip running libusb_set_interface_alt_setting if altsetting is 0. It does not do anything in this case, and causes issues on some older devices

  • Support for flashing images larger than 3.5 GB

  • Some compilation issues that should only be relevant for other distros (BSD, android, mac) has been fixed, and various things cleaned up

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