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community/gcc-cross-embedded: upgrade to 11.2.0 and re-enable mips-mti-elf

This bundles a few upgrades fixes:

  • fix of broken dependency: gcc-cross-embedded-stage1 should never have dependent on final embedded compilers. This adds the missing -stage1 postfix in the dependencies to avoid dependency circles as in #13173 (closed) even if a platform in newlib has to be disabled again
  • upgrade of the embedded GCC compiler to 11.2.0
    • previously I tried to roughly be on par with the real GCC compiler for Alpine. But unlike the real GCC, the cross compilers for bare metal non-Linux embedded systems are not Alpine infrastructure (only newlib and picolibc pkgs are build with them). So there is no technical reason for coupling their versions. In fact, this might fuel the misassumption that there is any technical relationship between the host compiler and the cross compilers.
  • re-enabling of mips-mti-elf as target
    • apparently newer versions of GCC extended the set of MIPS variants supported via multilib to one that triggers a compilation bug. A relatively simple patch fixes the compilation
    • sadly, I do not have any MIPS microcontrollers to actually test if the toolchain indeed creates binaries that properly run. but let's have some faith :-)

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