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testing/janus-gateway: upgrade to 0.11.2

Michael Pirogov requested to merge uuser/aports:janus into master
  • Added support for relative paths in config files, currently only in MQTT event handler
  • Removed support for now deprecated frame-marking RTP extension
  • Fixed rare race condition between VideoRoom publisher leaving and subscriber hanging up
  • Fixed occasional crash when using announcements in AudioBridge
  • Fixed rare crash in Streaming plugin when reconnecting RTSP streams
  • Fixed broken switch in Streaming plugin when using helper threads
  • Fixed rare race conditions on socket close in SIP and NoSIP plugins
  • Added support for out-of-dialog SIP MESSAGE requests
  • Fixed memory leak when using helper threads in Streaming plugin
  • Added support for datachannel label/protocol to Lua and Duktape plugins
  • Added ability to use WebSockets transport over Unix sockets
  • Added janus-pp-rec mechanism to correct wrong RTP timestamps in MJR recordings
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements

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