community/libvirt: Copy correct files to allow libvirt-guests service to work

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The libvirt-daemon apk contains OpenRC definitions for a libvirt-guests service, which allows guests to be suspended or shut down when the host is rebooted. This is in common with other operating systems which package libvirt.

However, the install script is copying the wrong files to /etc/init.d and /etc/conf.d. The copied files are simply the same as the daemon service files, so simply don't work.

This change installs the right files. Provided the libvirt-guests service is enabled, guests will be suspended on host shutdown and resumed when the host restarts. Or at least they are on V3.13 which is what I've tested on.

Do you need an MR for V3.13 too? I had a look at V3.12, and the libvirt-guests service wasn't packaged in that version.

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