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community/zoneminder: upgrade to 1.34.23

Steve Parris requested to merge Bluemax/aports:zoneminder into master

Needs !15205 (closed) !14809 (closed) - optional !20158 (closed).

Needs 4 testing packages: perl-uri-encode-xs perl-data-float perl-http-lite perl-data-entropy

This is a major update of the Zoneminder package split into two packages. A core package with just Zoneminder and a turnkey-ready meta package with all dependencies and a custom installer. There are guidelines printed on-screen during installation how to start.

This is not a port from another Linux distro. It's made completely from scratch. Unique to this Alpine version is:

  • Custom installer (shell script) that sets up everything to get you started.
  • Process isolation (UID Zoneminder). Perl processes are separated from other processes (php, fcgiwrap, nginx).

The source tarball doesn't provide submodules (cakephp, crud). They are not available as tarballs either so we have to use git any way. So i've decided to pull everything as git in one shot from the original repo via custom snapshot().

If i understand the custom snapshot() function correctly the server should handle the current implementation (but i'm not sure on that. I had to bypass the pre-commit hook). For local abuilds you need to create a symlink:

ln -s /var/cache/distfiles/$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz $pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz


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