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testing/postgresql-citus: upgrade to 10.0.2

Michael Pirogov requested to merge uuser/aports:citus into master
  • Adds a configure flag to enforce security

  • Fixes a bug due to cross join without target list

  • Fixes a bug with UNION ALL on PG 13

  • Fixes a compatibility issue with pg_audit in utility calls

  • Fixes insert query with CTEs/sublinks/subqueries etc

  • Grants SELECT permission on citus_tables view to public

  • Grants SELECT permission on columnar metadata tables to public

  • Improves citus_update_table_statistics and provides distributed deadlock detection

  • Preserves colocation with procedures in alter_distributed_table

  • Prevents using alter_columnar_table_set and alter_columnar_table_reset on a columnar table not owned by the user

  • Removes limits around long table names

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