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testing/janus-gateway: upgrade to 0.10.10

Michael Pirogov requested to merge uuser/aports:janus into master
  • Reduced verbosity of a few LOG_WARN messages at startup
  • Close libnice agent resources asynchronously when hanging up PeerConnections
  • Fixed broken parsing of SDP when trying to match specific codec profiles
  • Added muting/moderation API to the VideoRoom plugin
  • Fixed a few race conditions in VideoRoom plugin that could lead to crashes
  • Send 480 instead of BYE when hanging up calls in early dialog in the SIP plugin
  • Added configurable media direction when putting calls on-hold in the SIP plugin
  • Fixed rare race condition in AudioBridge when using "changeroom"
  • Fixed broken API secret management in HTTP long polls
  • Report failure if binding to a socket fails in WebSockets transport plugin
  • Updated RabbitMQ logic in both transport and event handler
  • Fixed segfault in WebSocket event handler when backend was unreachable
  • Added TLS support to MQTT event handler
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements (thanks to all who contributed pull requests and reported issues!)

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