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community/dillo: enablessl/https fix

ph1lter requested to merge (removed):community_dillo_enablessl into master

The current package for the dillo web browser does not support https/TLS sites.

The current package uses --enable-ssl, but the configure script rejects it and disables ssl/https.

I've added 2 new patches

  • configure.patch to allow the enable-ssl feature to pass
  • dpi/https.c (changes for new openssl api and fix for hosts requiring name to connect)

I have built, installed and tested the resulting dillo package on all the (https) sites I use and it works.

More details: I've patched the configure script's SSL_library_init test (I do not know how to make autotools handle this correctly) and added a CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS define to select the required openssl api functions.

I've also modified code in dpi/https.c

  • use the api functions to access the common name instead of the old direct struct access, which is no longer supported.
  • call SSL_set_tlsext_host_name() before SSL_connect() for those sites which required the hostname before they will deliver the correct ssl cert.

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