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testing/lynis: upgrade to 3.0.2

Michael Pirogov requested to merge uuser/aports:lynis into master

Lynis 3.0.2 (2020-12-24)


  • AUTH-9284 - Scan for locked user accounts in /etc/passwd
  • LOGG-2153 - Loghost configuration
  • TOOL-5130 - Check for active Suricata daemon
  • OS detection of Flatcar, IPFire, Mageia, NixOS, ROSA Linux, SLES (extended), Void Linux, Zorin OS
  • OS detection of OpenIndiana (Hipster and Legacy), Shillix, SmartOS, Tribblix, and others
  • EOL dates for Alpine, macOS, Mageia, OmniosCE, and Solaris 11
  • Support for Solaris svcs (service manager)
  • Enumeration of Solaris services


  • ACCT-9626 - Detect sysstat systemd unit
  • AUTH-9230 - Only fail if both SHA_CRYPT_MIN_ROUNDS and SHA_CRYPT_MAX_ROUNDS are undefined
  • BOOT-5184 - Support for Solaris
  • KRNL-5830 - Improved reboot test by ignoring known bad values
  • KRNL-5830 - Ignore rescue kernel such as on CentOS systems
  • KRNL-5830 - Detection of Alpine Linux kernel
  • NETW-2400 - Compatibility change for hostname check
  • NETW-3012 - Support for Solaris
  • PKGS-7410 - Don't show exception if no kernels were found on the disk
  • TIME-3185 - Supports now checking files at multiple locations (systemd)
  • ParseNginx function: Support include on absolute paths
  • ParseNginx function: Ignore empty included wildcards
  • Set 'RHEL' as OS_NAME for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • HostID: Use first e1000 interface and break after match
  • Translations extended and updated
  • Test if pgrep exists before using it
  • Better support for busybox shell
  • Small code enhancements

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