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testing/linux-edge: enable CONFIG_PINCTRL_CHERRYVIEW=y

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):linux-cherryview into master

Fixes Chromebook Terra's keyboard. ASUS Chromebook C202SA/C300SA | Terra | strago | x86_64 | Braswell

Bug report and discussion of the issue:

A fix for bug 194945 is already in mainline Linux. However, the pin control driver still needs to be built in (comment 95). Unfortunately, this becomes the distro's problem because we control the config.

Note that the driver in question is for Cherryview and Braswell.

Older commit making the same change for Bay Trail: 835e69be

And just pointing out another distro's kernel who builds in this pin control:

This seems to be a pattern. I wouldn't be surprised if the other Intel pin control drivers when built as modules cause similar issues on other platforms.

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