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community/pgbadger: upgrade to 11.4

Michael Pirogov requested to merge uuser/aports:pgbadger into master

2020-11-24 - v11.4

This release of pgBadger fix some issues reported by users since past four months. Improve support for PostgreSQL 13 log information and adds some new features:

  • Add full autovacuum information in "Vacuums per table" report for buffer usage (hits, missed, dirtied), skipped due to pins, skipped frozen and WAL usage (records, full page images, bytes). In report "Tuples removed per table" additional autovacuum information are tuples remaining, tuples not yet removable and pages remaining. These information are only available on the "Table" tab.
  • Add new repartition report about checkpoint starting causes.
  • Add detection of application name from connection authorized traces.

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