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community/py3-setuptools_scm: upgrade to 5.0.1

It does include a lot of changes, but majority of need in this upgrade is python 3.9 support.


  • fix 507 - use

5.0.0 Breaking changes:

  • fix 339: strict errors on missing scms when parsing a scm dir to avoid false version lookups
  • fix 337: if relative_to is a directory instead of a file,
  • consider it as direct target instead of the containing folder and print a warning


  • fix 352: add support for generally ignoring specific vcs roots
  • fix 471: better error for version bump failing on complex but accepted tag
  • fix 479: raise indicative error when tags carry non-parsable information
  • Add no-guess-dev which does no next version guessing, just adds .post1.devN
  • case there are new commits after the tag
  • add python3.9
  • enhance documentation
  • consider SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for versioning
  • add a version_tuple to write_to templates
  • fix 321: add suppport for the SETUPTOOLS_SCM_PRETEND_VERSION_FOR_${DISTRIBUTION_NAME} env var to target the pretend key
  • fix 142: clearly list supported scm
  • fix 213: better error message for non-zero dev numbers in tags
  • fix 356: add git branch to version on describe failure

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