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community/proj: upgrade to 7.2.0

Holger Jaekel requested to merge hjaekel/aports:proj into master

The PROJ download page says:

The proj-datumgrid packages have been deprecated with PROJ 7.0.0. The proj-data package should be used with PROJ 7.0.0 and newer.

So I removed the proj-datumgrid subpackage and created a new package proj-data. Unfortunately proj-data is huge (516 M). I did not define proj-data as a dependency of proj as this package is only useful if you want to have all projection resources installed (e.g. on an offline system).

As an alternative to the proj-data package, you have two options:

  1. you can download the needed ressources with projsync with you can find in the proj-utils package
  2. PROJ can download needed ressources when defining the PROJ_NETWORK environment variable to ON or enabling / uncommenting the network = on line of proj.ini

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