WIP: community/firefox: fix tab crashes with musl >= 1.2.2

Closed Sören Tempel requested to merge nmeum/aports:firefox-musl-1.2.2 into master

musl 1.2.2 uses a new ioctl system call on paths which might be invoked by firefox (EDIT: Actually not so sure about that anymore, firefox would explicitly need to call tcsetwinsize or tcgetwinsize to trigger the code from the commit linked below?). Since firefox has a system call filter and this specific ioctl is not allowed by the filter a sandbox violation is raised with musl 1.2.2 which causes all tabs to crash.

This commit fixes this issue, it was previously applied for firefox-esr first but firefox-esr doesn't build currently due to issues with rust.

See: https://git.musl-libc.org/cgit/musl/commit/?id=4d5786544bb52c62fc1ae84d91684ef2268afa05

Fixes #12061 (closed)

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