Commit 18a87b11 authored by Roberto Oliveira's avatar Roberto Oliveira Committed by Natanael Copa

scripts/ add console=hvc0 for ppc64le grub config

set console=hvc0 via boot option. This configuration make init to add
hvc0 to /etc/inittab and /etc/securetty. This is needed to allow login
with 'root' user.
parent 8612a1ba
......@@ -193,6 +193,7 @@ build_grubefi_img() {
section_grubieee1275() {
[ "$ARCH" = ppc64le ] || return 0
[ "$output_format" = "iso" ] || return 0
kernel_cmdline="$kernel_cmdline console=hvc0"
build_section grub_cfg boot/grub/grub.cfg $(grub_gen_config | checksum)
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