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Revert "Update apk to make man pages sole source of truth"

Ariadne Conill requested to merge ariadne/apk-tools:master into master

This reverts commit b62d252b.

This change is reverted because it basically makes the tool completely obtuse and unusable for people who do not have the manpages installed. The reason why apk is a beloved package manager is because it is simple to use, but if you remove all guidance on how to use it, then nobody will know how to use it.

Man pages are good, but removing built-in help is not:

petrie:~/apk-tools$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=src src/apk --help
apk-tools 2.10.4-91-g47053ed, compiled for x86_64.

usage: apk <COMMAND> [-h|--help] [-p|--root DIR] [-X|--repository REPO] [-q|--quiet] [-v|--verbose] [-i|--interactive] [-V|--version] [-f|--force] [--force-binary-stdout] [--force-broken-world] [--force-non-repository] [--force-old-apk] [--force-overwrite]
           [--force-refresh] [-U|--update-cache] [--progress] [--progress-fd FD] [--no-progress] [--purge] [--allow-untrusted] [--wait TIME] [--keys-dir KEYSDIR] [--repositories-file REPOFILE] [--no-network] [--no-cache] [--cache-dir CACHEDIR] [--cache-max-age AGE]
           [--arch ARCH] [--print-arch] [<args>...]

This apk has coffee making abilities.
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