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Interposition enhancements for use with APK Foundry

Max Rees requested to merge sroracle/abuild:apkfoundry-alpine into master

This standardizes the use of $APK as well as adding some other interposition variables:

  • $APK_FETCH (apk)
  • $ABUILD_GIT (git or true)
  • $ABUILD_FETCH (abuild-fetch)
  • $ABUILD_SRCDIR can override $srcdir
  • $ABUILD_PKGBASEDIR can override $pkgbasedir
  • $ABUILD_TMP can set $srcdir and $pkgbasedir for easy out-of-aports.git builds

This allows APK Foundry to build packages outside of a git tree easily (by setting $ABUILD_GIT to git -C ...) as well as make it easier to enforce network isolation while poking holes for source file and dependency downloading.

An older form of this patch set has been in use for some time on my personal machines while developing the project, and it was recently merged into Adélie's abuild.git as we prepare to setup CI using it.

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