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Metacpan client apkbuild-cpan replacement

Review. Should probably be merged into apkbuild-cpan

Improves? Simplifies dealing with old APKBUILD files for perl. It is able to deal with all but a few perl module APKBUILD files. A couple of them need updates but most are based on non CPAN versions of the perl modules.

Ran it in a script to do a apkbuild-mcpan check

on each perl- module in the aports tree. Only failed to check the version of the following:

need a fixed APKBUILD


Not listed on CPAN:


Based on this you should be able to do a

apkbuild-mcpan recreate

to update almost any existing perl- based package. Review the changes and commit an update including the changes for template format. Increments the pkgrel if the pkvver does not change

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