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WIP: apkbuild-cpan fix numerous issues and deal with template versions of APKBUILD

I refactored this MR to merge commits that backed out earlier changes I had made. This should make it easier to review the commits are logically grouped

I have been using the changes in this MR to process old APKBUILD files for updates and to check versions and it seems to work fairly well.

commit 9f8b58f30b482ae2b8a949f4f0939dcf23cebfe0 fix several issues as follows
    Get unique list of modules required before processing
    fix issue finding main module for submodules
    reset the pkgrel if the pkgver changes on recreate
    fix issue with argument options for Build.PL

commit f18a5fc4c7b0354dcc06bebf63d9ad5254438679 add metacpan api support and other fixes

commit 859cea2b89d1fd98caf8b61f3d11145c2d18d0f0 perl and perl-dev as depends and makedepends
    fix issue with how perl-dev was added as a makedepends
    perl probably should be a dependency of all per modules

commit 5a7e3e813d394498f4e598e55eadcfb7a0cb69cc fix missing variables fails and remove empty vars
    aports convention is to delete empty variables from APKBUILD files
    this causes and issue with updating existing APKBUILD files
    new depends, makedepends or checkdepends are added to process the file
    properly.  Empty variables are then deleted once the file processes correctly

commit e443458796e21405bcbc1b79185ca2b245602ca1 improve dealing with old APKBUILD perl module names
    remove trailing pkgver from some module names
    attempt to use additional variable content to determine perl package name
    this now appears to support all but 10 or 11 non metacpan api retrievable
     module information and add a package mapping for perl-ldap

commit 46b4aba70917ed27f97618eae8fc29c70ae7dfa8 fix parse_deps for multiple CPAN::Meta::Requirements return unique
    do_depends can send multiple meta dependencies as additional parameters
    parse_deps was not itterating through each of the parameters
    this fix gets the entire list without duplicate entries

commit ce62b2bd84b58dd1a66f1c826a01ac2e4f5ffa40 fixes #9990, #9991 and #9992
Edited by Timothy Legge

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