Commit 5d17eef3 authored by Nico Schottelius's avatar Nico Schottelius

Make mu4e depend on cmd:emacs instead of the package

Fixes #10985
Signed-off-by: default avatarNico Schottelius <>
parent dda4496b
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# Contributor: Sören Tempel <>
# Contributor: stef <>
# Contributor: Eivind Uggedal <>
# Contributor: Nico Schottelius <>
# Maintainer:
pkgdesc="A collection of utilities for indexing and searching Maildirs"
arch="x86 x86_64 ppc64le"
......@@ -52,7 +53,7 @@ package() {
mu4e() {
pkgdesc="Emacs-based e-mail client which uses mu as its back-end"
depends="$pkgname=$pkgver-r$pkgrel emacs"
depends="$pkgname=$pkgver-r$pkgrel cmd:emacs"
mkdir -p "$subpkgdir"/usr
mv "$pkgdir"/usr/share "$subpkgdir"/usr
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