Commit 2b6d4948 authored by Przemysław Pawełczyk's avatar Przemysław Pawełczyk Committed by Leonardo Arena
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community/imagemagick6: Upgrade to 6.9.9-34.

- Support aspect ratio geometry, e.g. -crop 3:2.
- Add support for reading the HEIC image format.
- Fix IM build when HEIC is enabled.
- Fixed numerous memory leaks, credit to OSS Fuzz.

It's worth to note that upstream sadly removes tarballs of old releases,
so for instance ImageMagick-6.9.9-33.tar.xz is no longer available.
parent ef195456
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# Maintainer: Jakub Jirutka <>
......@@ -106,4 +106,4 @@ _cxx() {
mv "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/libMagick++*.so.* "$subpkgdir"/usr/lib/
sha512sums="5edbb508d18f9f80be2630bc4f7682b325a189cffa3b8ced337ce932f5f39f4517307afb190df8ebf588e7338d4779fc23a660eb0294e2411aaa90b59327dd80 ImageMagick-6.9.9-33.tar.xz"
sha512sums="02ade120faa7946072dfc3e713b631755d29a020433f1a8213f439a9cfdd4b01dac423abec8adfc9de4d05734e54cdea4fbc07105c203371c117fd787805cfc9 ImageMagick-6.9.9-34.tar.xz"
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