Commit 003ec836 authored by Johannes Müller's avatar Johannes Müller

Remove readline-dev from checkdepends

Crystal stdlib doesn't have libreadline bindings included since 0.32.0
parent ce24278c
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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ url=""
arch="x86_64 aarch64" # reenable aarch64
depends="gc-dev libatomic_ops libevent-dev libevent-static gcc gmp-dev pcre-dev"
checkdepends="openssl-dev libxml2-dev readline-dev tzdata yaml-dev zlib-dev"
checkdepends="openssl-dev libxml2-dev tzdata yaml-dev zlib-dev"
makedepends="llvm$_llvmver-dev llvm$_llvmver-static zlib-static"
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