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    community/openjdk8: upgrade to icedtea 3.6.0, modernize · 4d34f29d
    Timo Teräs authored
    S8165543: Better window framing
    S8169026, CVE-2017-10274: Handle smartcard clean up better
    S8169966: Larger AWT menus
    S8170218: Improved Font Metrics
    S8171252: Improve exception checking
    S8171261: Stability fixes for lcms
    S8174109, CVE-2017-10281: Better queuing priorities
    S8174966, CVE-2017-10285: Unreferenced references
    S8175940: More certificate subject checking
    S8176751, CVE-2017-10295: Better URL connections
    S8178794, CVE-2017-10388: Correct Kerberos ticket grants
    S8180024: Improve construction of objects during deserialization
    S8180711, CVE-2017-10346: Better invokespecial checks
    S8181100, CVE-2017-10350: Better Base Exceptions
    S8181323, CVE-2017-10347: Better timezone processing
    S8181327, CVE-2017-10349: Better X processing
    S8181370, CVE-2017-10345: Better keystore handling
    S8181432, CVE-2017-10348: Better processing of unresolved permissions
    S8181597, CVE-2017-10357: Process Proxy presentation
    S8181612, CVE-2017-10355: More stable connection processing
    S8181692, CVE-2017-10356: Update storage implementations
    S8183028, CVE-2016-10165: Improve CMS header processing
    S8184682, CVE-2016-9840, CVE-2016-9841, CVE-2016-9842, CVE-2016-9843: Upgrade compression library
    ref #8018, #8111