Commit 66ae4a94 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa

main/ppp: build fix

include needed headers
parent f43e0dcb
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ pkgdesc="A daemon which implements the PPP protocol for dial-up networking"
license="BSD and LGPLv2+ and GPLv2+ and Public Domain"
makedepends="bsd-compat-headers linux-headers"
subpackages="$pkgname-doc $pkgname-dev $pkgname-chat $pkgname-radius
$pkgname-atm $pkgname-pppoe $pkgname-l2tp $pkgname-winbind
$pkgname-passprompt $pkgname-passwordfd $pkgname-minconn
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