Commit 45275d13 authored by Michał Polański's avatar Michał Polański Committed by Andy Postnikov

testing/tree-sitter: upgrade to 0.18.3

parent 901c7b6a
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# Contributor: TBK <>
# Maintainer: TBK <>
pkgdesc="Incremental parsing system for programming tools"
arch="all" # !s390x !mips64" # Blocked by cargo - cli requires cargo
......@@ -46,4 +46,4 @@ cli() {
amove usr/bin
sha512sums="fe385f28ce28d96538d0779d3d69f49c6183732f48ae0e979d41d1298e7c87f259604f9f2eca2a07c424a4840fa29a38051845ead797325f748d251250ffb836 tree-sitter-0.18.2.tar.gz"
sha512sums="b669a499f826eb51fe51cbf93fd9bee6cd17ec3d628a2b7c4359c6b8d60390ce9d348a9d7470d5faa82c937d8afb720b596ce5e7b553943345cf1f79d74a2d79 tree-sitter-0.18.3.tar.gz"
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