Commit dcb03b8e authored by Mathias LANG's avatar Mathias LANG Committed by Andy Postnikov
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community/dtools: merge & upgrade to 2.098.0

There is no actual code change (dtools version is tied to community/dmd),
but we need to rebuild against LDC v1.28.0.
Since the lint rules could not be sanely satisfied with the old approach,
the 'dtools' package being a virtual package, all tools have been merged
into one. They are lightweight enough that the user will not see a difference.
parent 35b2a22b
# Contributor: Mathias LANG <>
# Maintainer: Mathias LANG <>
# There are 4 'public' tools in the repository as of v2.090.1
# There are 4 'public' tools in the repository as of v2.098.0
# In addition, there are a few 'build' tools which could be
# useful (and can be trivially added if needed).
......@@ -9,14 +9,13 @@
# as it rely on building (and by extension DMD & co),
# so it is excluded from this package.
pkgdesc="Ancillary tools for the D programming language compiler"
arch="x86_64 aarch64"
makedepends="ldc llvm-libunwind-dev"
subpackages="$pkgname-ddemangle $pkgname-rdmd $pkgname-dustmite"
makedepends="chrpath ldc llvm-libunwind-dev"
......@@ -27,6 +26,9 @@ build() {
ldmd2 -O -release "$builddir/ddemangle.d" -of"$_outputdir/ddemangle"
ldmd2 -O -release "$builddir/DustMite/dustmite.d" "$builddir/DustMite/splitter.d" "$builddir/DustMite/polyhash.d" -of"$_outputdir/dustmite"
ldmd2 -O -release "$builddir/rdmd.d" -of"$_outputdir/rdmd"
# Remove redundant rpath
chrpath -d "$_outputdir/ddemangle" "$_outputdir/dustmite" "$_outputdir/rdmd"
check() {
......@@ -34,27 +36,12 @@ check() {
package() {
depends="$pkgname-ddemangle $pkgname-dustmite $pkgname-rdmd"
install -s -D "$_outputdir/ddemangle" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/ddemangle"
install -s -D "$_outputdir/dustmite" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/dustmite"
install -s -D "$_outputdir/rdmd" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/rdmd"
ddemangle() {
mkdir -p "$subpkgdir/usr/bin/"
mv "$pkgdir/usr/bin/ddemangle" "$subpkgdir/usr/bin/ddemangle"
dustmite() {
mkdir -p "$subpkgdir/usr/bin/"
mv "$pkgdir/usr/bin/dustmite" "$subpkgdir/usr/bin/dustmite"
rdmd() {
mkdir -p "$subpkgdir/usr/bin/"
mv "$pkgdir/usr/bin/rdmd" "$subpkgdir/usr/bin/rdmd"
sha512sums="b25a9180faab99d31cc9a2909d699bbcfb1aa9be0f393f7c691977932d09e84d3b162a385df7318aab41dc2e671f1c38fe746c77654a8042cdbae515b273f5c6 tools-2.096.1.tar.gz
6064a7de3f2e6e031544ffa35823ad198c403f2415a98485df03b2a701cafbfc6ab1640bca71fa5caf4722c36e07bf604a42e6bbeaabe9e9d24d4d86206d8320 0001-Add-workaround-for-broken-test.patch"
a56abcc5b14498d82d8b1de8e545e741d1aae48ffdf904574b36a8f023389c168dc3262be05f8824f0c216f79f8d67edaac9f1f7059b06827119fdf010f27583 tools-2.098.0.tar.gz
6064a7de3f2e6e031544ffa35823ad198c403f2415a98485df03b2a701cafbfc6ab1640bca71fa5caf4722c36e07bf604a42e6bbeaabe9e9d24d4d86206d8320 0001-Add-workaround-for-broken-test.patch
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