Commit 15dcd422 authored by Dermot Bradley's avatar Dermot Bradley Committed by Leo

testing/cloud-utils: Split ec2metadata and growpart into separate packages.

ec2metadata and growpart have lighter dependancies than the other
cloud-utils tools and the also are used in VMs whereas the other tools are
typically used to create/launch VMs so it makes sense to split them.

Become package maintainer. Original maintainer has not made any changes
since package was first created more than 1 year ago, has not responded to
an email I recently sent, maintains no other Alpine packages and so I'm
assuming he is no longer actively involved with Alpine Linux.

My cloud-init packages make use of growpart and in order to move
cloud-init from testing to community repo cloud-utils would also need to
move so I have a self-interest in cloud-utils being actively maintained.
parent 3bd3f519
# Contributor: Vladimir Avinkin <>
# Maintainer: Vladimir Avinkin <>
# Contributor: Dermot Bradley <>
# Maintainer: Dermot Bradley <>
pkgdesc="Useful set of utilities for interacting with a cloud"
pkgdesc="Utilities for interacting with cloud VM images"
arch="noarch !mips !mips64 !s390x" # tests are broken on big-endian
depends="bash python3 sfdisk sgdisk util-linux qemu-img mtools cdrkit coreutils"
depends="bash cdrkit coreutils e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-extra eudev mtools
python3 qemu-img tar util-linux"
subpackages="$pkgname-doc $pkgname-ec2metadata $pkgname-growpart"
build() {
......@@ -24,4 +26,18 @@ package() {
make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install
ec2metadata() {
pkgdesc="Retrieve metadata on AWS EC2 (and compatible) VMs"
mkdir -p "$subpkgdir"/usr/bin
mv "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/ec2metadata "$subpkgdir"/usr/bin/ec2metadata
growpart() {
pkgdesc="Grow the size of disk partitions"
depends="blkid coreutils sfdisk util-linux"
mkdir -p "$subpkgdir"/usr/bin
mv "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/growpart "$subpkgdir"/usr/bin/growpart
sha512sums="4ca22def9564e101e228ca363d7f2da593f0644a09581bf862d4aeb4b320cc7c8af5a5e7af6283966ee1a8828715bb94725c0aab584b77e97f77a3ad593c2629 cloud-utils-0.31.tar.gz"
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