Commit e2bbc5bd authored by Timothée Floure's avatar Timothée Floure Committed by Rasmus Thomsen
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testing/bird: use openrc's built-in checkpath

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......@@ -41,4 +41,4 @@ package() {
sha512sums="48ca63be923285dd282e80d7e2b240256953fd7ad4f6eaa5dcba2648f3f148be20198bc8c6e7e888aac1588ecb005a4f4c03e979853e76ea6f8680643a874b35 bird-2.0.7.tar.gz
e0a9bab1bb84ab4efbf51c4c015bf35196d146560f737979d3a17c44dc2397d9578e61a3bba0c58f3cdbb108074f17288bf536db5d8d4dce87c91f1be3dc6282 bird-make-test-bsprintf.patch
1bcfdc30906c1e1f3da82e48ae5e83de8bddd559dc034870808fd50833258dbcda4d8504d3a048a76a89227d804f78fc02cbb6bb145bed0067803f366509dcab bird.initd"
fad06e64eafd2df2f25e4ffb37b77c4af7bca7a30d10550108e2b5da3f8a732a0e68a84b09857d08d3afdc06fa450cb0a1815c28bbe64ec94350e1afe53783ce bird.initd"
......@@ -25,9 +25,8 @@ depend() {
start_pre() {
# Used to store bird's PID file (= created after privilege drop).
mkdir -p /run/bird
chown bird:bird /run/bird
# Used to store bird's PID file, which iscreated after privilege drop.
checkpath --directory --owner bird:bird --mode 0775 /run/bird
check_run() {
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