Commit ab572325 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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main/xfsprogs: upgrade to 3.1.2

parent 153b4570
# Maintainer: Natanael Copa <> # Maintainer: Natanael Copa <>
pkgname=xfsprogs pkgname=xfsprogs
pkgver=3.1.1 pkgver=3.1.2
pkgrel=1 pkgrel=0
pkgdesc="XFS filesystem utilities" pkgdesc="XFS filesystem utilities"
url="" url=""
license="LGPL" license="LGPL"
...@@ -36,4 +36,4 @@ package() { ...@@ -36,4 +36,4 @@ package() {
cd "$_builddir" cd "$_builddir"
make -j1 DIST_ROOT="$pkgdir" install install-dev make -j1 DIST_ROOT="$pkgdir" install install-dev
} }
md5sums="c2308b46ee707597ac50aae418d321b8 xfsprogs-3.1.1.tar.gz" md5sums="86d10178ee6897cb099c97303e6d9da0 xfsprogs-3.1.2.tar.gz"
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