Commit 8cb0f984 authored by Bart Ribbers's avatar Bart Ribbers
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community/font-noto-emoji: modernize and fix config file install location

parent dcb404ba
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ pkgver=0_git20200916
# The tag isn't random but based on the upstream tags
# We don't use the tags directly as it uses a strange naming scheme
pkgdesc="Google Noto emoji fonts"
arch="noarch !mips !mips64" # fails to build on mips
......@@ -36,11 +36,11 @@ build() {
package() {
# Fonts in the fonts/ subdirectory are pre-built.
# TODO: Figure out if we can build NotoEmoji-Regular.ttf too somehow
mkdir -p "$pkgdir"/usr/share/fonts/noto
install -m644 NotoColorEmoji.ttf fonts/NotoEmoji-Regular.ttf \
install -Dm644 "$srcdir"/66-noto-color-emoji.conf "$pkgdir"/etc/fonts.conf.d/66-noto-color-emoji.conf
install -Dm644 -t "$pkgdir"/usr/share/fonts/noto \
NotoColorEmoji.ttf \
install -Dm644 "$srcdir"/66-noto-color-emoji.conf -t "$pkgdir"/etc/fonts/conf.d/
sha512sums="d497c4ecaf299ade23b1f6a3bc6e98d7dbbb619e51f067496d4a4dbf71693c96de26263af595c0aae86c63dcea8be190718f5477af645d4338989f25cc3ab848 font-noto-emoji-aac7ccaa4d1dea4543453b96f7d6fc47066a57ff.tar.gz
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