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......@@ -60,6 +60,24 @@ Updates the various `VulnerabilityState` items based on the current contents of
the secfixes, NVD and apkindex feeds. This should be run after the above import
tasks on an hourly basis.
## CPE rewriters
The config allows defining a set of custom rewriters. These rewriters should be
defined as `lambda` functions which take a source package name as input. They are
matched as either `cpe_vendor:source_pkgname` or `cpe_vendor:*` as a catch all.
For example:
'jenkins:*': lambda x: 'jenkins',
Will define a rewriter which matches any package published by the 'jenkins' CPE
vendor and outputs 'jenkins' (as all jenkins components are in the `jenkins` source
package in Alpine).
## Cron
You'll want to run the import tasks, and then the update-states tasks. That's all
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