1. 27 Dec, 2021 3 commits
    • Alex Xu (Hello71)'s avatar
      main/apk-tools: remove ca-certificates-bundle · 0c4acdf2
      Alex Xu (Hello71) authored
      ca-certificates-bundle is now required by alpine-base, see parent commit
      for rationale
    • Alex Xu (Hello71)'s avatar
      main/alpine-base: add ca-certificates-bundle, sort depends · bf37114a
      Alex Xu (Hello71) authored
      Considering that default /etc/apk/repositories now uses HTTPS, and the
      vast majority of websites require HTTPS, it is past time to officially
      declare ca-certificates-bundle part of the "standard Alpine
      installation". Users that want the smallest possible installation can
      uninstall alpine-base and install its components individually, but will
      be expected to pick up the pieces themselves (e.g. apk repositories).
      apk-tools ca-certificates-bundle removed in the following commit.
      fixes #5821.
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      testing/liferea: upgrade to 1.13.7 · 396a57da
      Lucidiot authored
  2. 26 Dec, 2021 37 commits