Commit 6dc6e7f5 authored by Alex Xu (Hello71)'s avatar Alex Xu (Hello71)
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move packages disabled since 3.13 to unmaintained

if nobody fixed build (let alone run) in 6 months, they are de facto

also move emscripten-fastcomp since it is only used for emscripten
according to APKBUILD comments.

roughly based on this script:

git checkout v3.13.0
grep -l 'arch=""' */*/APKBUILD > 3.13
git checkout master
grep -l 'arch=""' */*/APKBUILD > master
comm -12 3.13 master | cut -d / -f 1-2 | xargs -I{} git mv {} unmaintained/

closes #10402, #10995.
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