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# Meeting Minutes: Technical Steering Committee
Date: 23 November, 2021
Time: 16:15:00 UTC
* Francesco Colista (Scribe)
* Kevin Daudt (Chair in behalf of Leonardo Arena)
* Ariadne Conill
* Natanael Copa
* Carlo Landmeter
* Timo Teräs
* Nathan Angelacos
* Leonardo Arena
* Kaarle Ritvanen
* Sören Tempel
## Officially decommission mips64
* Issue:
Hardware is EOL, it's a very specific architecture
* Decision:
Announce we don't support mips anymore on 3.15 release notes.
Remove edge
## Organize the developers team
Question should be raised up to TSC that handles that, and the decision is written in the developer handbook (and the meeting notes of TSC).
Onboarding people as packagers/developers is also a TSC responsibility.
## How long should we wait for the meeting to start
15 min.
## Next Meeting
* Next TSC meeting is in two weeks
* Chair: Leonardo
* Scribe: Ariadne
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