Commit e2ba19e8 authored by Brad Fritz's avatar Brad Fritz

features: fix addition of af_packet kernel module for dhcp

Follow-up to 5a6f829e so `mkinitfs -F dhcp` works as expected.

Without this change, `ip=dhcp` will not work on Raspberry Pi images:

    $ sha256sum alpine-rpi-3.11.3-armv7.tar.gz
    438648629838b02b2eead75ede2137dd480e1ae748b632b312a0b7b13924e6c2  alpine-rpi-3.11.3-armv7.tar.gz

    $ for P in rpi2 rpi4; do
        tar -O -xzf alpine-rpi-3.11.3-armv7.tar.gz ./boot/initramfs-$P | gunzip | cpio -t | grep "af.*ko"

    15320 blocks
    15552 blocks

ref aports#10750
parent 59204d36
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ CONF_FILES := mkinitfs.conf \
features.d/qeth.modules \
features.d/dasd_mod.modules \
features.d/dhcp.files \
features.d/dhcp.modules \
MAN_FILES := mkinitfs.1 mkinitfs-bootparam.7 nlplug-findfs.1
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