Commit 7b65037d authored by Brad Fritz's avatar Brad Fritz Committed by Natanael Copa
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fix minor typos in mkinitfs-bootparam man page

parent cb013df1
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Enable DASD devices on S/390x architectures.
Print debug information during boot.
Additional command like arguments for \fI/sbin/init\fR.
Additional command line arguments for \fI/sbin/init\fR.
Specify the network configuration. The format is equivalent to the linux kernel
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ If set, \fI/etc/apk/repositories\fR will be filled with this. May be an URL.
\fBapkovl=\fR(\fIURL\fR | [\fIDEVICE\fR[:\fIFS_TYPE\fR]:]\fIPATH\fR)\fR
A HTTP, HTTPS or FTP URL to an apkovl.tar.gz file which will be retrieved and
applied. Can also be an filesystem path, optionally prepended with the device
applied. Can also be a filesystem path, optionally prepended with the device
name without the /dev/ prefix.
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