Commit 6e5b1852 authored by Sören Tempel's avatar Sören Tempel
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init: quote $rootfstype during comparison

Without this change this may result in a warning message to be printed
during boot if the rootfstype kernel parameter is not set.
parent 35ec3643
......@@ -503,7 +503,7 @@ if [ -n "$KOPT_root" ]; then
mkdir -p /media/root-rw/work /media/root-rw/root
mount -t overlay -o lowerdir=/media/root-ro,upperdir=/media/root-rw/root,workdir=/media/root-rw/work overlayfs $sysroot
if [ $rootfstype = "zfs" ]; then
if [ "$rootfstype" = "zfs" ]; then
mount ${rootfstype:+-t} ${rootfstype} \
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