Commit 5dcea632 authored by Ain's avatar Ain Committed by Natanael Copa
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Fix installation path customisation

Previously, datadir was ignored when installing, using the hardcoded
default value.
parent 6849c5f4
VERSION := 3.3.0
sbindir ?= /sbin
sysconfdir ?= /etc/mkinitfs
datarootdir ?= /usr/share
datadir ?= $(datarootdir)/mkinitfs
......@@ -116,13 +117,13 @@ nlplug-findfs: nlplug-findfs.o
for i in $(SBIN_FILES); do \
$(INSTALL) -Dm755 $$i $(DESTDIR)/sbin/$$i;\
$(INSTALL) -Dm755 $$i $(DESTDIR)/$(sbindir)/$$i;\
for i in $(CONF_FILES); do \
$(INSTALL) -Dm644 $$i $(DESTDIR)/etc/mkinitfs/$$i;\
$(INSTALL) -Dm644 $$i $(DESTDIR)/$(sysconfdir)/$$i;\
for i in $(SHARE_FILES); do \
$(INSTALL) -D $$i $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/mkinitfs/$$i;\
$(INSTALL) -D $$i $(DESTDIR)/$(datadir)/$$i;\
for i in $(MAN_FILES); do \
$(INSTALL) -D $$i $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man$${i##*.}/$$i;\
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