Commit 4bf4c75f authored by Ain's avatar Ain Committed by Natanael Copa
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Remove nodma kernel option

The kernel offers the same functionality through libata.dma=0.
parent d9a93120
......@@ -329,11 +329,6 @@ if [ "$KOPT_chart" = yes ]; then
eend 0
# dma can be problematic
if [ "$KOPT_dma" = no ]; then
modprobe libata dma=0
# The following values are supported:
# alpine_repo=auto -- default, search for .boot_repository
# alpine_repo=http://... -- network repository
......@@ -59,9 +59,6 @@ DHCP.
Comma-sparated list of kernel modules to load explicitly.
Disable DMA for ATA devices.
When booting from an read-only partition, you can specify this flag to have
your changes written to an in-memory overlayfs.
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